Bhagwad Gita explains why communism fails in nations.

Bhagwad Gita explains why communism fails in nations.

Intellectuals get enamoured by the emotional drift that communist ideology proposes which seems like the most appropriate solution to all the misery in the world.

Like when Kanhaiya says” when a president’s kid and a poor man’s kid will study in the same school”. Who can say no to that ideology? And that is why it is difficult to debate a communist. Because the apparent cause of their struggle seem so humanitarian. Then why do communist ruled countries end up being the most oppressed?

Nobody really knows why it always fails. Geeta offers an explanation.

We know the biggest message coming out of Geeta is the stress on karma. There is a deeper insight which is often missed. Krishna says that even more important that the act (karma), is the Bhava (inner emotion) that is the driving force for the action. Bhava is the subtle energy which when manifests into Gross, becomes physical action. Krishna says that if the Bhava is pure, even the seemingly bad actions would become good deeds and vice versa. This is a revolutionary physiological claim, just one of the pearls of wisdom of Geeta.

Please remember that bhava is not the same as intention. Intention are born out of thoughts and bhava is born out of emotions.

Now, though the intention of communism is honest, but the bhava driving it is aggression. It’s the yearning for revolution that is the motivation. This force of this emotion yields result but after the communist government is established, this same inner yearning for revolt turns into oppression of its ow domestic population.

We cannot expect peace even if the apparent intention seem honest.


Basis of Chakra Meditation

Basis of Chakra Meditation

Really, the first step to activate our Chakras should be to identify it. it is only after we have identified our chakras that are inside our body, can we start to activate them.

So the first step invariably, is to identify the chakras within our body, by going inside our body. This is achieved through meditation processes that includes:

  1. Quieting of the mind
  2. Turning the senses inwards to go inside.

When this happens we achieved the sensitivity to be able to go inside our body. Then we use breath as a vehicle and find the Chakras that are inside our body. This is the basic meditation process to identify chakras in our body.

Once the identification happens all we need to do to activate our chakras, is to bring our attention again and again to the Chakras that we have identified. This awareness is the food of the chakras.

Awareness on Chakras is what sunlight is for lotus flowers. when sunlight falls on lotus flower, the flower Blossoms.This is also how our chakras activate. our attention is really like the sunlight that activates all Chakras and they open up.

Hence, it is no wonder that our chakras are represented as lotus flowers in eastern mysticism and in every Chakra diagram. The similarity is apparent.

This is really the authentic way of identifying our chakra and activating them; through direct experience. Only direct experience is the validation of success in this Chakra meditation. Only with and be able to tap into the powers that these chakras provide.

Every other method is based on visualisation and imagination and they are only just that. they are imaginary and they have never helped anyone.